How It Works

Eat Clock is inspired by the Hacker's Diet: the perfect implementation would be a simple indicator that turns green when you need to eat and red when you no longer need to eat. The technology to build that isn't yet available (it would need near perfect information about not just what you eat, but how much energy your body has consumed): what we've come up with is based on much simpler principles.

How Much You Ate

You tell it how much you ate in very simple terms: a snack, a small meal or a large meal. That's it! No need to enter complex meal information or look up numbers of points. You can use the website on desktop or mobile, chat using Facebook Messenger or Telegram, or use your voice with Amazon Alexa.

Tracks How Long Until You can Next Eat

Whenever you update your last meal time, the clock starts ticking! We track how long your last meal should last you before you should eat again: by default, this is set to 30 minutes for a snack, 1 hour for a small meal and an hour and a half for a large meal. The screen includes a large, easy to read time indicator that tells you how much time you have until you are ready to eat again! It also displays your last meal time.

When Next Can You Eat

When the clock has run out and its OK to eat, the screen will include a large reminder that you can now eat. If you are using a supported browser (recent versions of Chrome or Firefox on a desktop computer or on Android and Safari on a desktop computer) you can receive push notifications that inform you when you can eat.
You can also view your eating history as a list: future plans include a calendar view as well as reporting options to help you learn more about your eating habits.
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