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Eat Clock helps you eat better by tracking when you last ate and telling you when next you can eat.


Clearly indicates whether or not you can eat: if there is a green bar at the top, you can eat!
Push notifications (tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari) that let you know when you can eat.
Works in mobile browsers out of the box (including push notifications on Android Chrome).


Support for Facebook Messenger and Telegram: chat with your Eat Clock, and it will tell you when it is time to eat.
Support for Amazon Alexa: talk to your Eat Clock, tell it when you ate and ask it if you can eat.
(Coming Soon) iOS and Android applications
(Coming Soon) Google Assistant


Track your meals with simple entry options (snack, small meal, large meal).
Presets make it easy to get started: you can't eat for 30 minutes after a snack, 1 hour after a small meal or 90 minutes after a large meal (adjustable in your profile).


Easily track how long until you will next be able to eat.
Direct input of new meals: no need to leave the page.
Export your data as a CSV file at any time.

Easy Access

Amazon Alexa Facebook Messenger Telegram Chromecast built-in


We were inspired by the Hacker's Diet to build Eat Clock as a tool to improve our eating habits: the mission is not to be perfect, but to eat better by making it really easy to track when we last ate and how much we ate. No complex recording or writing down meal specifics, just the minimum required to remind us that "You JUST ate! There's nothing in the fridge you need right now. Go get a drink of water."